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Meet Hamlet!

Meet Hamlet, Julia’s baby, the newest member of the Baker family!


Hamlet is a sweet little Frenchie.


Hamlet enjoys napping, eating, and playing with his uncle Rufus.


Watching Rufus interact with Hamlet is such a joy. Rufus is so good with children and an exceptional uncle to Hamlet even when Hamlet eats his food!

Just look at these two!


There are so many great benefits to having a dog.


They make you smile even when you have a really bad day.


They remind you to live in the moment and savor every moment with them.


They love you unconditionally every day.


It doesn’t take much to please them and watching them play instantly makes you happy.


Did I mention how cute they are? Just look at that face!

All in all, dogs are amazing and wonderful to have around. I am so glad that Hamlet is part of our family now! Rufus loves Hamlet and we do too! Welcome to the family Hamlet!






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