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A Weekend in DC

Hello There!

Washington D.C. is the perfect getaway any weekend. Its a city with a classy vibe, Instagram-worthy landscape, and good food. The drive into DC is so beautiful.


The Arlington National Cemetery


The Arlington National Cemetery really honors the individuals who have been laid to rest on its grounds. This cemetery has beautiful landscape and even in the midst of many tourists, you are overcome with a sense of peace and serenity.


Alexandria, Virginia.

I know Alexandria is technically outside of D.C. but this old town has so much charm.


We ate at Hank’s Oyster Bar in Virginia. Don’t let the charming blue colonial building fool you! Hank’s has a hip bar featuring New England classics like the lobster roll. I’ve had lobster rolls from around the US and I have to admit Hank’s had THE BEST lobster roll. My husband had the fried oyster roll which was also good but I prefer fresh oysters.



Gadsbys has been around since 1770. George Washington was said to frequent Gadsby’s Tavern. When we walked into the dining room, it was like George Washington never left. The building and the dining room boasted a colonial style.

The Waterfront


There are a lot of waterfront activities in Alexandria. Its really a sight to see. We could easily spend hours here.

We Stayed at The Beacon Hotel and Corporate Quarters located on Rhode Island Avenue. Being so close to Dupont Circle, this hotel was a walk away from Washington D.C.’s historical attractions as well as great places to eat.

We had brunch at my favorite place in the world, Founding Farmers. The food literally tasted like it was just harvested. My favorite meal at Founding Farmers is the chicken and waffles with egg whites! For all of you out there that have an egg yolk intolerance, Founding farmers does substitute egg whites for eggs on their entire menu! Side note: I appreciate how mainstream egg whites are becoming.


Smithsonian Zoo

The Smithsonian Zoo is really nice. I love how interactive zoos are becoming. Compared to the San Diego Zoo, this zoo is very small. We covered the whole zoo in about 2 hours compared to the San Diego Zoo where we spent about 6 hours. This was the first time I was within a couple of feet to a zebra which was really cool!



We had dinner at Old Ebbitt Grill. Just as the name suggests, this tavern is a D.C. classic and favored by many presidents. The food, service, and decor are exemplary. The location is across the street from the white house and the federal reserve.



Then, we visited the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial at night! This was the first time I have seen these historical places at night and boy, what an experience!



The next day we had brunch at a place my husband picked out, Wicked Waffle. This is so fitting for him because he loves waffles. Side note: if you ever don’t know what to get him as a gift, give him real maple syrup and waffles.

This place is fantastic. Their waffles are light and airy and you could get savory or sweet waffles. We tried the bacon egg and cheese waffle and the smoked salmon waffle. They do sub egg whites for eggs!

The Library of Congress


There are no words to fully incorporate just how beautiful this building is.



There are so many pictures I can upload from the Library of Congress but I want you to go see it for yourself. This is by far my favorite place in DC. Its absolutely breathtaking.


That’s our trip to DC. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed our time in DC. The last thing I want to mentions is I love lipstick so my husband buys me lipstick to commemorate each trip. Every time, I wear that given lipstick, I remember where we got it from and the good times we had there. This lipstick is from Tyson’s Corner and I got the color dubonnet which is a brick red color that I feel represents DC very well.

72af815c-88ff-40cb-81d6-f90ed5b7b6f1.jpegBye for Now!






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